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A remarkable documentary film

“The fact that people were willing to be on camera in a vulnerable state to receive this music – some going into deep meditative or altered state – was really moving for me to witness that”

Matthew Kocel

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What is sound healing?

Vibrational healing, long used in non-Western medicine is quietly making converts in Canada. An alternative to institutional medicine, many people experience profound physiological and psychological changes during sound vibration sessions. This doc film investigates and immerses viewers in first-hand participant experiences. How do focused sound vibrations change the way people feel?

What do sound healers do?

In the film, sound healers demonstrate shaping therapeutic musical sounds. Results are achieved through intent – by making a safe space in which energetic connections are built. The film explores their methods and the unique learning path to becoming a sound healer.

Is vibrational medicine real?

Can we learn to heal ourselves with sound? Skeptical? Watch the film!


Producer / Director, Ross Gordon is a cultural anthropologist using film to explore alternative approaches to health and healing.


Editor / Camera Operator:¬† Tyler Ehrhardt’s insightful editing and camera work¬† immerses viewers in an emotive experience.

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